Our Lady of Perpetual Help

125th Jubilee Celebration


OLPH History

OLPH – The Treasure of Brooklyn – Pt. 2

OLPH: Reconfiguring the Parish Plant – Do You Remember? Only life-long parishioners will remember when Lutheran Langone NYU Hospital was a large factory, American Machine and Foundry, AMF. They were the leaders in the manufacture of bowling balls, pins. Only the oldest will remember that large red brick building on 59th Street between 2nd and…

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OLPH – The Treasure of Brooklyn (Pt. 1)

There are shows on PBS called The Treasures of New York and another The Secrets of New York. These programs are fascinating. They uncover the past of many iconic parts and buildings of New York City. On a recent show, the now beautiful South Street Seaport area of lower Manhattan revealed a very violent seedy…

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Forever Young – Looking Back

Homily for the Hundredth Anniversary October 30, 2003 This afternoon, Father Kevin Moley, the provincial of the Baltimore Province and former pastor of OLPH, is our main celebrant. As pastor he was as tireless as the Energizer Bunny, in his work for the parish and school. He attributes his fast paced life style to having…

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OLPH: A Redemptorist Parish

The Redemptorists were interested in having a foundation in the Diocese of Brooklyn, which in 1893 stretched from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Montauk Lighthouse at the eastern end of Long Island. They were welcomed by the bishop and dreamed of a parish, and a large rectory from which to send out missionaries to preach…

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The Lower Church

I heard Father John Hamrogue, a Redemptorist priest from our parish use this analogy once. “The Upper Church of OLPH is like the dining room in our homes and the Lower Church is like the kitchen table.”  The Upper Church, like the dining room is for big celebrations: Weddings, First Communions, Confirmations, First Masses and…

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When JFK came to OLPH

It was the 1960 presidential campaign. I was 8 years old. I didn’t know anything about politics, but picking up what people were saying this was a big thing. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was running for president. He was young and handsome. He was Irish. He was Catholic. Growing up in an Irish-American family, and a…

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OLPH School

When I read about those first years, I get a sense of exuberance, joy, pride that both priests and people felt for their parish. The wood frame church on 5th Avenue was too small from the very day it was consecrated for the booming development of the neighborhood. The rectory housed a happy group of…

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Growing Pains 1904-1912

In the beginning years of the 20th Century, our parish was like a young teenage boy experiencing a growth spurt. Every few months the boy grows out of his clothes. Father John Frawley an impressive, large man saw what was needed and began to make plans. When he mounted to pulpit to talk at all…

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