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Season Of Sacraments

Perhaps our most vivid memory as a young Catholic was the day of our First Communion. Perhaps just remembering going into the dark confessional, seeing the shadow of the priest on the other side of the grill can still cause your heart to race. Perhaps you still can say the Act of Contrition by heart.…

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Stirring Ashes Into Flame

Just a few weeks ago, Pope Francis in an off the cuff way, mentioned that he didn’t really like the English translation of the Lord’s Prayer or the Our Father. He particularly objected to the phrase, “Lead us not into temptation.” He said that God does not lead us into temptation. I think he prefers…

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OLPH – The Treasure of Brooklyn – Pt. 2

OLPH: Reconfiguring the Parish Plant – Do You Remember? Only life-long parishioners will remember when Lutheran Langone NYU Hospital was a large factory, American Machine and Foundry, AMF. They were the leaders in the manufacture of bowling balls, pins. Only the oldest will remember that large red brick building on 59th Street between 2nd and…

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OLPH – The Treasure of Brooklyn (Pt. 1)

There are shows on PBS called The Treasures of New York and another The Secrets of New York. These programs are fascinating. They uncover the past of many iconic parts and buildings of New York City. On a recent show, the now beautiful South Street Seaport area of lower Manhattan revealed a very violent seedy…

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